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WSCN Update - Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

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Last Updated Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
It's time for the Warren Raiders Cross Country Sign Ups for next season! Anyone interested in participating on the 2024 Warren Middle School or Warren G. Harding High School Cross Country Team is encouraged to sign-up through this QR Code. Cross Country is a great way to either get into shape, stay in shape, or prepare your conditioning for Winter Sports. If you enjoy running and want to be a part of a family based, positive sport with tons of encouragement cross country is your sport! Summer workouts will start Tuesday, July 09 from 10am – 11am @ Perkins Park. You will meet at the playground parking lot. So sign up now for WGH cross country!
The Trumbull County Afro American Achievers Association is looking for some talented artists who are singers, dancers, musicians, rappers, and spoken word poets to participate in the annual FEST TALENT SHOW! Contact Coach Johnson if you are interested. We'd love to see you show off your skills at the TCAAAA fest in downtown Warren on the square. The fest runs from June 7th thru June 9th, so contact Coach Johnson TODAY if interested!
The Art Department is requesting that any students who haven't already picked up their artwork from this year, please do so NOW. If you don't, it may be discarded before the end of the school year. So, once again, if you've created something for art this year--please pick it up from the art teachers NOW and take it home with you. Don't abandon your creative works!
The yearbook is nearing completion, just waiting for pictures of prom and graduation to finish up and submit it. The yearbooks will arrive here at Warren G. Harding near the end of the summer and you will contacted when they are available. Underclassmen can pick theirs up here at the start of next school year, while seniors who have graduated will be contacted for pickup instructions...
...many people have asked if there will be extra yearbooks since they missed the deadline for pre-orders. The answer is YES--but extra copies WILL BE QUITE LIMITED. They'll be available once the books arrive. You cannot RESERVE these books. You'll just have to wait until they arrive, first come, first served!
Finally for yearbook--we've left a couple of pages for Prom pictures and graduation. If you have any great photos from prom or graduation--send it to yearbookwgh@gmail.com. Once again, that's yearbookwgh@gmail.com. If you send up pictures, YOUR graduation and prom photos could end up in our book!